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IELTS and PTE have similar types of tasks in Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections. However there are certain significant differences in the test pattern of the two exams. The basic difference is that PTE is held online while IELTS is an offline exam.



Frequency of Exam

Scheduling the Exam

Declaration of Result

Duration of Exam

Mode of Exam

Scoring Pattern

Acceptance of Exam

The IELTS Academic Exam can be given four times a month and for General can be given twice a month.

A prior booking of the slot for IELTS exam is required, as the exam is not scheduled on random basis.

Test result is declared within 13 days after giving the IELTS exam

The Duration of IELTS Exam is 3 hours

This Exam is in offline mode and speaking test is taken face to face by the interviewer.

Band Score is from 0 to 9.

IELTS Exam is accepted at all major universities across Australia, UK, USA, Canada  and visa application and immigration to  UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

PTE Exam can be given throughout the year, there is no particular limitation of appearing in the exam.

Booking the slot for PTE Exam is flexible as the dates are available throughout the year. You can schedule the exam as per your convenience.

Test results are declared within 5 days of the exam

The duration of PTE Exam is 3 hours

PTE Exam and assessment is computer based. Speaking and Reading sections are recorded

The score is ranging from 10 to 90 points.

PTE is accepted  by Australian Government for visa application and for many institutions in UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

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